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COVID is an R package that implements the two robust methods described in Lin et al. (2022) to assess the totality of evidence for the treatment effects on the entire clinical course of a patient using daily clinical outcomes. The use of the software is documented in “COVID-vignette.pdf”, and a user guide is provided in “COVID-manual.pdf”.

In addition, we develop a SAS macro that fits marginal proportional hazards models for multiple events and combines the evidence of treatment effects using the Wei, Lin and Weissfeld (1989, JASA) method. A user guide is provided in “WLW.pdf”.


Lin DY, Wang J, Gu Y, Zeng D (2022). Evaluating Treatment Efficacy in Hospitalized Covid-19 Patients. Submitted.

Wei LJ, Lin DY, Weissfeld L (1989). Regression analysis of multivariate incomplete failure time data by modeling marginal distributions. J Am Stat Ass, 84: 1065-1073.


R package:

COVID_1.0.tar.gz >> COVID_1.0.tar.gz

COVID-manual.pdf >> COVID-manual.pdf

COVID-vignette.pdf >> COVID-vignette.pdf

SAS macro: >>

WLW.pdf >> WLW.pdf